Snacks for Schools


Snacks for School

We are now an official drop-off/collection location for Snacks for Schools, a local volunteer group focused on providing snacks to students at Tacoma's highest need Public Schools.

The goals of Snacks for Schools is to:
1. Bring our community together in support of our teachers & students
2. Familiarize Tacoma residents with all of our schools and the unique programs they offer
3. Allow individuals to give when and how they can -- and know that those small donations make a BIG impact!
What kind of donations are needed?
- easy to prep, pop-top meals (chili or soup)
- tuna or canned chicken (pop top or pouch)
- peanut butter & jelly
- ramen cups
- mac'n'cheese cups
- trail mix
- dried fruits
- crackers
- cereal
- breakfast bars or granola bars
- oatmeal
- applesauce
- canned fruit or cups of fruit
- microwave popcorn
- beef jerky
- rice pouches or cups
- protein bars
- rice krispie treats 

They try to keep it healthy, easy to prepare, and something that will bring a smile to a kid's face! These bags are not replacing groceries, but hopefully making it easier for kids who may spending more time alone to keep their bellies full.