The Perfect Easter Basket: 101

by Carli Ricker

With Easter approaching closer every day, it’s time to talk Easter baskets. While the Easter Bunny gets all the credit for magically crafting a basket full of toys and candy, we know who’s actually putting in the work behind the scenes. To help take some of the time and stress off, we here at The Curious Bear have assembled a guide on how to create the perfect Easter basket. So, let’s dive into “How to Assemble the Perfect Easter Basket: 101.” 

Personal Easter Basket Service

First, remember this is simply a guide of suggested products! Every child has their own likes and dislikes, interests, and taste. This is why our first suggestion for building an Easter basket is to ask us! Being surrounded by top of the line toys all day we’ve got a good idea of how to find the perfect toys for each kid. To get started, just fill out this quick form and the collaboration to build the best Easter basket can begin! 

It Starts with the Basket

While the basket may tend to get overlooked amongst toys and candy, the importance of a sturdy yet festive Easter basket can’t be overlooked. After all, the basket is what kids first see when given their surprise from the Easter Bunny, carries them through Easter egg hunts, and holds all the goodies they accumulate throughout the day. Remember, the right basket should be a mix of function and fun! 

Retro Baskets

If you’re looking to get more use out of a basket than an afternoon, let us introduce you to the Retro Baskets. With its jelly texture, these bags can transition seamlessly from holding chocolate bunnies and eggs to art supplies or beach toys. Plus, the bag can be broken down to lie flat and snapped back together for easy reassembly making it a must-have piece to travel with. 

Bamboo Basket with Marabou

As we said, the best Easter baskets are both functional and fun, which is precisely how we’d describe this bamboo basket. The bright colors and feathery fluff create a funky take on traditional Easter baskets but its long, oval handle makes it easy to carry when racing to find Easter eggs. 

Gingham Bunny Straw Basket 

We’ve found it, the quintessential Easter basket. This sweet bunny basket with pink gingham printed ears is as timeless as it is adorable making it perfect to use year after year. 

P.S. Don’t forget basket filler

Find Some-Bunny to Love

The centerpiece of an Easter basket is, of course, the bunny, and no one makes them better than Jellycat. Plush, cuddly, and positively the cutest, there’s really no wrong pick in deciding which stuffed friend to bring home. 

Blossom Tessa BunnyPoppin Bunny, Bashful Forest BunnyLottie Bunny PartyBobbi Bunny with Daffodil

Don’t Forget the Candy!

As you probably remember, for kids, one of the best parts of Easter is the candy because how many other days do you get to wake up to a chocolate bunny? Indulge your kids' sweet tooth by topping their basket with a few of our favorite treats. 

Hoppy Easter Candy

Packaged in-house by The Kindship, this candy mix has a sugary surprise to satisfy everyone. Stuffed full with gummy butterflies, pillowy marshmallow puffs, and egg shaped gobstoppers, this mix is perfect for filling plastic Easter eggs or tucked into a basket on its own. 

“Bunny” Chocolate Confetti

Seeing as Easter is a day for celebration, it only makes sense to include some confetti, though we suggest eating this kind rather than tossing in the air. Creamy chocolate coated with a crunchy shell makes this “confetti” something of a basket staple. After all, what’s an Easter basket without copious amounts of chocolate? 

Easter Candy Box 

Not only is the candy delicious but, come on, how cute are these Easter pals on the box? These tiny boxes hold the perfect kid-sized serving of candies like Lil Lamb Gumdrops and Robin’s Egg Caramels

Add the Final Touches

We’ve got the bunny and candy plus something to hold it all together. All that’s missing are those final few items to fill out a basket. Thankfully the shelves of The Curious Bear are full of toys and activities just waiting to be added to an Easter basket. These final few items are also a great chance to personalize the basket to each child’s likes and interests. 

5 Under $5

Mini Paint Set, Fubbles No-Spill Bubble Tumbler Minis, Fresh & Fruity Scented Highlighter, Green Toys Mini Cars, Kindness Tin

Let’s Think (A Little) Bigger 

Mini Maker Tube Astronaut

OMG Pop Fidgety Easter Minis

Sammy Red Glo Pal 

Bunny Enamel Hair Slides 

Time to Celebrate! 

With the perfect Easter basket now complete ready to celebrate. All that’s left is for a late night visit from the Easter Bunny and to spend the day with loved ones. 


Happy Easter, 

The Curious Bear

P.S. You can view our entire collection of Easter goodies here

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