Recycle Your GloPals!

by Ann Wiley

GloPals became a shop favorite from the moment we opened our first box.

These amazing sensory cubes come four to a pack and light up once immersed in water and then lose their light immediately once taken out of water. Each cube has 8 hours of 'glow time' that allows you to have plenty of disco party baths, sensory bin time and more! After all their shine has gone, it leaves us (and our kids) wanting more.

Recently we learned that these awesome light-up cubes are recyclable. To make recycling GloPals easy for you and your family, we will recycle them for you! For every four pack of used GloPals brought into the shop, we will take 10% off your next pack (or more) of GloPals! 

If you would like to recycle GloPals on your own please visit and search for 'button batteries' along with your zip code. Be sure to take time and learn more about what and where you can recycle different household items while visiting their website as well!

Get your shine on and take care of the planet! It's a win-win!

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