Meet Micro Kickboard

by Carli Ricker

Rolling into The Curious Bear is a brand that’s gotten the seal of approval of everyone from The New York Time’s Wirecutter team to the toughest critics, kids. Introducing Micro Kickboard! 

This kid-approved and parent favorite scooter brand has an almost endless list of features that have helped separate it from the competition. To start, Micro scooter’s high quality and durable make allows for it to grow with children rather than be used one year only to sit in the garage for the next five. 

Micro Kickboard also place a heavy emphasis on sustainability. By offering replacement parts like wheels and handle grips, families are encouraged to patch just what needs fixing rather than tossing the whole scooter out. 

At the end of the day, what really sets Micro Kickboard scooters apart is how much fun kids have when riding! When Wirecutter’s team of six kids, ages 1-10, rigorously tested several popular scooters, the decision was overwhelmingly for Micro Kickboard’s Maxi Deluxe. The Maxi Deluxe, like all Micro scooters, is built for easy, breezy riding so kids can focus on having fun, while simultaneously gaining skills like balance and confidence. 

For those still doubtful about just how good a kid’s scooter can be, we invite you to stop by The Curious Bear* and give a Micro Kickboard scooter a ride. We think even the toughest of kid critics or most skeptical parents will quickly see why everyone’s riding with Micro. 


"Cruise around Tacoma." The list of parks is Point Ruston, Swan Creek Park, and Fircrest Park.


To find more awesome parks around Tacoma, check out Metro Parks Tacoma!

*Currently, we are not shipping Micro Kickboard scooters. Micro Kickboard scooters can only be purchased from The Curious Bear in-store or online for local pickup.

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