Celebrate Pride with Books!

by Ann Wiley

This year, show your support and love for all the LGBTQI+ people in your life that you know and don't know yet by adding some new titles to your book shelves.

Being kind, empathetic and inclusive of everyone is something we can teach our children through our own actions day to day. Books are able to give life to someone else's story and let children see how ALL differences make us unique--because if we were all the same, wouldn't life be boring??

Here are a few books we love in the shop that would look beautiful in your at-home library:

Peanut Goes for the Gold

Peanut has their own way of doing things and so do you! This inspiring book by Jonathan Van Ness, the star of Netflix's hit show Queer Eye, brings warmth, humor, and empowering positivity that you should love being exactly who you are 100 percent of the time.

Julián is a Mermaid

This mesmerizing story of Julián seeing himself for exactly who he is and his abuela accepting him will make your heart explode with happiness. Grab this book all about self-love and celebrate individuality with this gorgeous picture book and be sure to grab the follow-up book as well: Julián at the Wedding.

 Worm Loves Worm

You are cordially invited to celebrate the wedding of a worm...and a worm.

This irresistible picture book is a celebration of love in all its splendid forms, because in the end love always wins. 

Rainbow Legends Alphabet Book

From Laverne Cox to RuPaul, Harvey Milk to Keith Haring, Rainbow Legends Alphabet brings together a formidable A to Z of folks from the LGBTQI+ community who have taken a stand, loudly and proudly, for the rights of their community. Boldly illustrated, this book will be a hit with children of same-sex couples, children coming to terms with their own identity, or children of any family that teaches inclusion and tolerance.

Rainbow Revolutionaries

For the older kids in your home, grab them this book of celebration! Read and learn all about the many ways each of these heroes have made a difference in the LGBTQI+ community.

Let us know some of your favorite books that feature stories about love, inclusion and LGBTQIA+! We love adding new stories to our shelves!

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