Get to Know Yoto

by Carli Ricker

The headline reads, "Get to Know Yoto." A yoto player is at the bottom of the page. Headline reads, "What is Yoto?" A yoto is an screen-free audio player for kids that uses physical cards to play music, audio books, and more. "How Does it Work?" Select your audio card, insert it into the Yoto plyaer, and get listening! A picture of Yoto audio cards and a Yoto box are on the page. "The Yoto vs. Yoto Mini." The Yoto is the larger option that comes with more features. The Yoto Mini is easier to transport but doesn't have as many features. The Yoto can do more than just play audio books. It has a nightlight, can play white noise, and has access to a family friendly radio station.  Yoto's don't have screens, microphones, or ads. The Yoto mini can play all the same audio cards as the larger Yoto. It does have bluetooth, a pixel screen, and a daily podcast for kids. It also doesn't have screens, microphones, or ads. "Shop Yoto at the Curious Bear." At the Curious Bear Toy Store you can purchase Yoto players, minis. and  jackets. Audio cards and starter packs are also available for purchase. "Even More Yoto Resources." There are two videos available from Yoto, one explaining more in depth about the Yoto and the other the Yoto Mini. Video links are provided below.

Video Links for: 

The Yoto

Yoto Mini

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