Fidget Toys are HERE!

by Ann Wiley

Simple in concept, but a hit for all ages!

If you've been in the shop lately, you've likely witnessed the wall of fidgets along with assorted sensory-based toys throughout the shop. 

From bubble wrap-like pop fidgets, to squishy NeeDoh to stretchy Noodlies--we have it! At least for now...

These beloved items come in and often times are gone in a flash! With all the stress that we have been under this past year, something bright and colorful that eases stress and brings one a sense of calm is definitely needed. Grab one for yourself or your neighbor (of any age) today!

Below are some shop favorites available in-store and online now!

Some of the OG fidget toys comes from a fan favorite brand--Fat Brain!

Simpl Dimpl

Choose from a variety of colors, styles and sizes with these addictive (yet calming) fidget toys.

Pop Fidgets

 If you like squishy items then the NeeDoh balls are right up your alley!


 With Noodlies, you can squeeze, stretch, or mash them anyway you please.


The latest in the shop is a cross between NeeDoh and wall crawlers.
They're squishy, can be tossed at a wall, cleaned and won't lose their stick! 

Sticky Bubble Blobbies


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