Celebrate National Puzzle Day!

by Ann Wiley

Since 2002, January 29th has become the unofficial holiday of all things puzzles! Jigsaws, riddles and crosswords are among some of the crowd favorites. Puzzles of any kind are truly the perfect toy for people of all ages due to the many benefits they provide. Young children are able to build and develop essential skills like hand/eye coordination, memory and shape recognition. As for adults, puzzles also work on our memory and concentration while also providing a good amount of stress relief.

Don’t let the special date stop you from getting your family together for some puzzle fun. Find your favorite puzzle and make a night of it! Or if you’re up to a challenge go ahead and grab a higher piece count puzzle to complete together or on your own. 

Here are a few of our favorites in store:

This 20 piece puzzle by eeBoo is a perfect starter puzzle for kids 3+ with large pieces and vibrant colors. 

Crazy Kittens 20 Piece Puzzle



We love this fairy tale beauty by Djeco. It’s a Puzzle + Seek & Find that can provide kids aged 6+ hours of entertainment.

Tales Observation Puzzle - 54pcs



This 3D puzzle for ages 12+ offers a challenge that can also serve as decor when it’s completed. 

Eiffel Tower - 3D Puzzle



Another favorite from eeBoo, this 1000+ piece puzzle can be done from any angle making it the perfect challenge in a group setting.

Flower Calendar 1000+ Piece Puzzlettps://curiousbeartoys.com/collections/puzzles/products/flower-calendar-1000-piece-puzzle


 How will you celebrate?

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