Brands We Love: Manhattan Toy

by Ann Wiley

Hello and welcome to the first of many installments of Brands We Love. This round we're featuring a shop favorite, Manhattan Toy.

From their popular baby toys like the Winkel and Skwish to their beloved Stella dolls, Manhattan Toy has always recognized that children are profoundly influenced by the toys they play with daily. Instead of toys with batteries and millions of little pieces, they focus on a child’s imagination being the most powerful toy! 

Manhattan Toy perfectly combines whimsy, beauty and simplicity together to give children the toys they love and come back to time and time again.

Here are a few of our current favorites right now!

The Atom Teether is perfect for any child from birth on. This brightly colored teether has 12 bendy arms that are great for teething and the rings create a unique rattle noise!

Keep your little ones busy with this fun Rockin’ Musical Chicken! It includes a cymbal, 5-bar xylophone, maraca tail, clacking wings that act as drums along with two mallets. It’s the ultimate musical toy that is also pretty enough to leave out when in play.

Meet our new favorite mermaids in the shop! Marina, Lorelei and Azalea will make any young child’s mermaid dreams come true and are giving us all the heart eyes. They are rated for birth and up and have the softest tails along with the most shimmery tops. 


Grab one of these sweet Wee Baby Stellas for your next one-year-old’s birthday, it will likely become their favorite snuggle buddy.

Last on the list, but first in many a construction lover’s heart. These VaRoom Builders have interchangeable pieces to create your own unique construction vehicle! Even better? You can push down and roll the vehicle forward 2-3 times and then let go to watch them fly!

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