Back to School 2020

by Ann Wiley

As we head back to school this year we wanted to share some of our favorite school-related items that we love at the shop! Whether your kids are back to school with you, virtually, or in a classroom, we wanted to tell you that you’re amazing and doing great!

If your kids are learning virtually or they just need a break from the screen, we are in love with these new Unplugged Play books! Each book has close to 200 ideas and activities to do with your kids from toddler, preschool to grade school!

Even if lunch is at home right now, these Thoughtfulls are such a sweet way to give your kids some encouragement before they log in to school or could be the perfect thing to make them smile in the middle of their day.

Science not your forté? Let us help you supervise a fun science experiment that they can get into and learn something new on the way! These science kits are great for kids age 8+ and have even been known to get 12-year-olds excited!

FLASHCARDS!! Grab some of these amazing flashcards by eeboo to use in conjunction with a school plan or have them in your back pocket as something to break up the day. These flashcards are great for ages 4+ and range in subjects from sight words, to real-life situations, to math, language, and even science! 

eeBoo Flashcards 

Need a little something extra to give the kids? Everyone loves a smelly pencil, am I right? We have smelly pencils for fans of princesses, avengers, gaming, and even just love a good scent!

Smencils $2.00
Finally, we can’t forget about outdoor excursions with the kids in whatever form that might be this year! We have you covered with masks, water bottles and food storage as well!








For more fun back to school items, check out what's new at our website here!




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