Are we there yet? - Traveling with Kids

by Ann Wiley

As the weather warms up and our kids finish up the school year, many of us are getting ready for numerous camping trips, road trips and more!

Keeping kids occupied when traveling can sometimes feel overwhelming but we can help! Check out some of our tried and true staff favorites that help the time pass and lessen the amount of "Are we there yet?!" cries from the backseat.


Plus Plus blocks have been an automatic go-to whenever it comes to travel. These blocks offer kids limitless options to build and use their imagination with just one shape. This year Plus Plus made their product even better by offering a travel case that has blown our minds! Each travel set comes with a starter amount of Plus Plus blocks. The BIG version is perfect for ages 1-5 and includes 15 BIG blocks and the original version is designed for ages 5+ and includes 100 blocks as well as a baseplate.

What will your kids build this summer?


If you have any bookworms in the family, new books are always a hit to bring on trips. Even better than a story? A seek and find book that they can also use to tell their own story based on what they see.

Wimmelbooks are virtually instruction-free, inviting kids age 2-6 to use their imagination and create stories they think fit with each page. Each page has so many things happening that there’s always something new to discover. With so many themes to choose from, Wimmelbooks will continue to offer hours upon hours of fun anywhere!


Stickers in a notebook, reusable sticker books, themed sticker books - ANY and all sticker books are truly the best item to give kids something fun and focused to work on during long trips.

While we have a variety of stickers and sticker books, we continually come back to the Paint by Sticker books when it comes to travel as they have been a longtime shop favorite. Each book has a different theme with perforated pages that allows kids to have both the picture and stickers side by side for ease as well as allowing multiple kids to all use the same book!


If you're looking for something crafty that travels easy for kiddos ages 3+ we LOVE Wikki Stix!  Wikki Stix are soft, pliable and easy to use. Let your kids twist, bend, stick, and get creative! Wikki Stix don't require any preparation, clean-up, and are a favorite no mess option when you're traveling. 


You might recognize these BINGO boards from when you were a kid! Designed in the 50s and still relevant and fun today!  Sometimes keeping it simple can be the best way to keep kids engaged and drivers happy. 

Along with Auto Bingo, we can't forget magnetic traveling games and simple crosswords and other games that can help keep little minds entertained.


What are your must have road trip items?

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